With great success comes great clients, and vice versa. Judging by the kind of clients that we keep, we seem to be having quite a bit of success. We worked very hard to establish a strong relationship with a lot of companies, and while we started off as a very small company, we have greatly expanded – no longer stuck only serving the smallest of the small companies (though we still offer our services to them as well!), we are now able to not only handle the big companies, but also handle multiple of them – and well to boot. We cannot count just how often we have received glowing praise from companies, several of which are run by people whom we now consider friends (or at the very least, good acquaintances!). We have done business with a good number of online casino establishments, including WilliamHill, Kroon Casino, BGO Casino, Mr. Green, LeoVegas, and Unibet, among others. We would love to list them all, but it would be just a little bit too time consuming – so we will just list a few of our favorite working relationships that we had!

BGO Casino – When it comes to BGO Casino, we like to joke that there is a feud over which appreciated the working relation more – BGO Casino or Dollinger & Co. With all seriousness however, BGO Casino has been nothing but a delight to work with whenever we do work with them. BGO Casino wanted to address certain areas of its marketing that were being overlooked, particularly with viral marketing. Not only did this help us get the experience that we needed in online marketing, it also allowed us to form a long-standing business relationship to this day.

Mr. Green – Mr. Green was one of the “tipping point” jobs – you know, the kind of job that you get after you have stepped out of the minor leagues of your industry, but before you have entered the major leagues. We showed just how ready we were, and showed them why we were one of the best new online marketing companies with our search engine optimization skills and social media marketing strategies.

Kroon CasinoKroon Casino… if there is one thing that the people at this establishment know how to do, it is to listen. Not that other casinos are obstinate or anything (though we have had a few that have been…), but every single time that we have worked with them, they have been entirely cooperative and understanding – not simply by shutting up and getting out of the way, but actually showing an interest in understanding what we did. We gave them the whole package to help with their company – online reputation management, social media marketing, viral marketing, and search engine optimization.

WilliamHill – One of the more recent companies with whom we have come to establish a connection, our work with their website’s marketing helped remind us of just how far we have come as a company. They were thrilled by our social media marketing work and loved the exposure we gave them on websites such as Facebook and Twitter. William Hill offers the best casinos games like, oasis poker, blackjack, online slots and other fun stuff!