Dollinger & Co. was established in Edinburgh, Scotland by two people: my best friend and I, who had been best friends since as far back as either of us can remember. We did practically anything and everything together, and inevitably, this lead us to follow a very similar career path. When he heard that I was going to go into marketing, he decided to get serious with it as well – he had already kind of been thinking about doing it, and my decision to commit to it spurred him into action. We went to the same university, and we both managed to graduate. Shortly afterward, we moved on to the next step: setting up Dollinger & Co. We actually had quite a decent start – we tried to avoid limiting ourselves to online gambling, as the niche was perhaps a little too small for us to reliably maintain such a limit. While this gave us a bit of momentum early on (allowing us to have some financial security in how we handled the business), it posed the problem in that we were not quite moving forward as quickly as we may have liked to.

We were both pretty proud people, so we could not allow ourselves to ask our family for assistance – we barely wanted to rely on them for advice, even! – and while this ultimately did not prove to be fatal (as one can tell), it did provide some pretty major hurdles for us to overcome. We experienced a lull at some point as our financial strain began to become more apparent; perhaps what was more difficult to deal with however was our friendship waning. This is a common problem in business, and while I am happy to still be working with him today, I would never recommend working with your friends or family. If one makes a financial mistake, it often has the unfortunate result that you may grow to resent or even hate that person. I don’t think we ever came to hate each other, but we undeniably needed to work past a lot of problems.

Thankfully, a huge upswing in the business came along. We got our start with the real bigwigs of the industry, like BGO Casino. This not only gave us a hefty sum of money, but also ensured that with good work, we could establish ourselves as a reliable online marketing company, especially in the online gambling industry. After this, our momentum really started to finally pick up – we were getting many a job from many a client in the online gambling industry, and we were finally sitting above a nice safety net, firmly able to focus our marketing efforts on just one industry. This then allowed us to properly optimize our services to the needs of the industry and the companies that work within it. This lead to jobs being done more quickly, with more quality, and most importantly, with more satisfaction.

It has definitely been a long time coming, and to be honest, it was a bit touch and go for a while. Through hard work and perseverance however, we were able to clear the hurdles that the industry put in our way. No longer are we just some rinky dink marketing company – in a fairly short time, we went from that to being one of the bigger companies in our area. Going beyond that however, who can say what will be to come for us, or for any company in fact? The fickle nature of this world requires us to adapt and change, and until it comes that we may find ourselves replaced by the new hotness, we are going to enjoy every second of our jobs and bring our clients the market appeal that they so richly deserve.