Online marketing is something that is growing both in terms of being understood by a lot of people and, in turn, becoming a major career path for people who want to get into marketing. What people need to realize is that online marketing is a completely different beast and must be treated as such. I would be lying if I said that there was nothing in common between them, but not so much that I would recommend applying a broad marketing brush when going into the industry. There are four major areas of marketing that we and most other online marketers specialize in:

Search engine optimization – Search engine optimization is a rather excellent tool for marketers to use in order to help spread their clients’ names and brand around. For those who are confused by the term, basically search engine optimization refers to the act of creating content that use specific keywords to attract potential visitors to your website, often content relevant or, at the very least, tangentially related to the website. We create an extra degree of quality in this sense, as we make sure to not only optimize keywords well, but to also make content that is compelling to readers.

Viral marketing – It is what it sounds like; marketing that just kind of spreads, often through the word of mouth of the reader/viewer. This content can be a news story that ties to the company – especially if the story associated with it is a positive one – or it could even be a video; for instance, we may distribute a video on YouTube that becomes shared for the quality of its content, thereby creating an association between the quality of that video and the quality of your company.

Social media marketing – When one is working on social media marketing, one must be able to not only identify HOW to market on social media websites, but also to be able to be one step ahead of the competition. Sure, you can make some great Facebook posts, you can get a ton of Retweets and Favorites on Twitter, you can have multimedia to spread about on Pinterest, and you may have a lot of business connections to look forward to on LinkedIn, but when each of these companies started, there were people who had to figure out how to market on them.

Online reputation management – Let’s face it – every company at one time or another has had something that they wish that would stop trailing behind them. No matter how big or small it is, sometimes even the tiniest thing can cause customers to be less inclined to give your products or services the time of day. When such reputation management services are requested, we make sure to get said company’s reputation back up where it belongs. We do this in one of two ways (sometimes both): Get in front of the issue and apologize and/or refocus efforts on creating a positive image and leaving the negative one behind.